Forward Together Mass Organizing Meeting

Ahead of the inauguration this month, we’ll gather virtually to plan how we continue to push together.

The Frontline is partnering with Women’s March, Rising Majority, the Movement for Black Lives, Working Families Party, United We Dream and others to continue to mobilize thru #ForwardTogether, an unprecedented Mass Organizing Virtual Event on January 16th from 3-6pm EST.

This mass organizing meeting will gather organizers and everyday people who made these electoral wins possible to discuss the issues that the new Administration and Senate Leadership need to center in their policy agendas: Racial Justice, Climate, Trans Rights, the Economy, and more.

They won because of us. Now we’ll keep working to remind them who put them there. #ForwardTogether

Every victory our movement has claimed has been won by everyday people. We have shown up for each other through the negligence and cruelty of the past administration. Now, our fight continues for the future we all deserve, one that is rooted in care, love, and community.

It is the people’s vision that must be moved forward by the Biden Administration over the next four years.

It is the people’s vision that must be moved forward over the next for years.

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